When I was a baby I was born very, very sick.   Picture the kid in the bubble.  That was me.  I had pneumonia 3 times before I was old enough for school.   I literally almost died more times than I can count.   The doctors told me I would always be behind and would be lucky if I finished school.   They said I might never be able to run and always need an inhaler.


I had a few surgeries along the way.  I took speech classes.  I did tons and tons of tutoring.   I also did a class each week to work on motor skills.   I was a hard worker and didn’t let what people say stop me from moving forward.   I mean I knew I would never be an all-star athlete.  Yet, I would overcome the obstacles right in front of me.


The experts told me I would always be behind and never be able to run and that stuck with me.  But that’s not the end of the story.  Today I run regularly.  There’s 1 reason why I didn’t let the experts stop me. You may not know this about me.  I think it’s one of my greatest assets as an entrepreneur.   It is great for business… not usually good in marriage.  It is stubbornness.


I am so stubborn I decided to do the only logical thing any sick kid with issues would do.  I joined the military.


I am so stubborn that, not only did I do the Military, I joined the most elite one in my eyes: the Few, the Proud, the Marines.   I did this because I wanted to be the best.  I wanted to challenge myself.


Probably if I had watched Full Metal Jacket I would have chosen a different path.  But I joined and it was the hardest thing I ever did at the time!   It was worth it.   I’m sure any doctor would have advised against it.



Was it easy?  HELL NO!   Did I learn more about my capabilities?  HELL YES!

I would never want to relive those years but they made me who I am today.


Today I am an entrepreneur.   Amanda and I enlisted for life. The first 4+ years were super hard.  Many people said it could not be done.   “Experts” said we were crazy.  Well, they may have been right but, remember, I’m stubborn.


When I say “experts,” I’m thinking friends and family the people that think they know best.


If I listened to the experts, our dream may have never taken flight.   I defied the odds at least 2 times in my life first by joining the Marine Corps and then by starting a Social Enterprise.   Both times were not easy but they were worth it.


Why do I share all this with you?  Because I bet you have those “experts” in your ear telling you what you cannot do.  Even if just for a few minutes, pretend their wrong.  What would it look like to prove them wrong?  Close your eyes and imagine it.  Can you take a step toward what you’re imagining?  Do it.  See what happens.  If it’s good, take another step.  Question the experts.  Test your capabilities.  Whatever your “it” is, make it happen.  You don’t have to do it alone.


Who knows, you might just change the world!


Keep overflowing,



p.s. Coaching is very different than listening to experts.  Want to try it out?  Schedule a 30-minute strategy session with me.