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by Brandon Neely

scrawny kidI was a scrawny, weak kid growing up. I was not really good at sports or anything really physical either. Yet, all my life I have been always up for a challenge even when the odds were against me. I was in the music industry and worked for major celebrities even though I had no training. Maybe you can relate. Has there been something you’ve done in your life even though you were underprepared and under-qualified? You knew the odds were against you but you went after it anyway?

This scrawny kid decides to become a Marine.

scrawny kid to marineMy biggest challenge ever in life was when I decided to join the Marine Corps. This scrawny 18-year-old who couldn’t run or do pull ups joined the hardest branch of service. Boot camp was very hard for me. I was called a “double ration recruit,” meaning I was given more food than normal. I’m not going to lie. I wanted to give up more than a few times. Now, I was never the one that finished first in high school much less the in the Marine Corps. I wasn’t the one that could get up the rope as fast as everyone else and being gassed didn’t help much either.

I remember being put in the pit. If you don’t know what a pit is: picture a square box full of sand. I remember doing side straddle hops and push-ups with the drill instructor yelling at me telling me not to touch his uniform as he inched closer and closer to me. During that time, I was pushed beyond my limits and learned how much I could actually accomplish. I worked muscles that I didn’t even know existed. If you talk to any person who has been through Marine boot camp, they remember the training and probably really remember their instructors.

At the end of boot camp, I knew I was mentally and physically prepared to go into combat if needed. The proof? In the 3 months I was in boot camp, I went from a scrawny 135-pound kid to weighing 155 and able to accomplish anything handed to me.

What does that have to do with me now?

I took my Marine training very serious back then.

So, my question is: Why don’t we take our business training just as serious? I mean the success or failure of our businesses will affect the rest of our lives.

Being an entrepreneur is super difficult. It’s not for everybody and in reality, most businesses fail. I wonder if we spent some intense time “working out” our entrepreneurial muscles if it would help us in the long run.   Through training we learn our weaknesses and strengths and maybe even realize we have muscles we didn’t know existed.

That’s why we’re creating Business Activist Bootcamp.

Now, our boot camp is not as intense but it could change your life!

Are you an entrepreneur wondering, “When are things going to change for me?” Are you a business activist wanting to make a difference but not sure how to start? Do you want to learn the tools to take your business and mission to the next level without spending a dime?

Then, join us for Business Activist Bootcamp! Get ready for 21 Days, 20-minutes per day to a healthier business.


We start August 7 and you can join this boot camp from the comfort of your own home or office via a website where all the videos and exercises will be located. Plus, it’s free!

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