The first 3 episodes of our brand new podcast launched this week.

episode 1 of the business activist entrepreneur podcastListen to the first episode to learn what the podcast is all about and a little behind the scenes as to who we are.  When you get to Episodes 2 and 3, we provide the value you’re used to us bringing each and every week on our vlog.  (In case you’re wondering, we’re discontinuing the vlog for now.)

From here, we’ll release episodes each week on Tuesday.  Be sure to subscribe wherever you listen to get the latest episodes each time they come out.

Here are the options for where to listen:

1. Listen right on our website.

Episode 2 of the Business Activist Entrepreneur Podcast

2. Listen on iTunes.

3. Listen on Stitcher.

4. If by chance you know how to use an rss feed, here’s the link to the podcast‘s rss feed.


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episode 3 of the business activist entrepreneur podcast

You’re Invited…

If you have something you’d like us to address on the podcast, please comment below and let us know.