As you know, there are tons and tons of information out there and more every day. Our to-do lists are full. We have businesses to run. We can barely keep up much less read someone’s blog.

Our intent with this blog is that it will be a resource for you to come back to often!  We’ll keep the posts short and on topic.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • We’ll share insights and coaching tips we have learned through over 5 years of starting, growing, and running a successful business. We’ll share as practitioners who do the things we talk about. No advice you can’t handle or without the experience to back it up.

  • We’ll be authentic and real about our journey and the hardships. Sometimes we’ll even share half-baked musings on being a mission-driven entrepreneur and invite your input.

  • We’ll interview other Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs. It won’t be all about us. Plus, we have things we want to learn too.

  • We’ll ask powerful questions. We’re coaches. We know the impact of the right question. We encourage you to have a pen and paper handy as you read so you can record your reflections on the questions we ask. We have noticed that when we do this and then come back to that record later it can be super encouraging.


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