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Recap of the Video

First I tell my story of working from home and getting super discouraged and feeling like I want to quit every afternoon around 4pm.

Yet loneliness as an entrepreneur is a topic that’s hard to understand for most but easy for those who have experienced it. I’ll take each in turn.

I’ve never understood why entrepreneurs feel so lonely for 2 reasons: 1. I’m an introvert so i refuel by being alone.  2. I feel like I’m reaching out and interacting with people always.  Even in the beginning stages, I don’t remember ever going a whole day without communicating with someone for some reason.

Yet, I understand why entrepreneurs feel so lonely because, if you’ve never been an entrepreneur, then you don’t understand what it’s like. There are only a small percentage of people who have ever started a business from scratch. Only they truly understand what it’s like. You know this if you’re an entrepreneur and you’ve ever been in a room with other entrepreneurs.

This is only further compounded by the fact that everyone and their mother wants to tell you what to do with your business but rarely does any of their advice actually help. This only makes an entrepreneur feel lonelier.

How to fix this?  I share 3 ideas:

1. Build a local support system.

2. Build a support system with outside perspective too.

3. Go deeper than surface level when you are communicating with anyone and everyone.

Find out more about our program for deepening your communication.

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