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Hi, this is Amanda and Brandon. We hope you have time today for a heart to heart conversation about doing your passion and having an impact.


I think it’s time. In fact, it might be overdue.


We’re talking about a GOOD heart-to-heart (NOT the kind of heart-to-heart people have before they breakup or something… this is the opposite of that kind of conversation).


Something Great Has Been Brewing (But Brewing Nonetheless)


We’ve been pursuing our passions and how to use them to make the world a better place together for a decade plus and really since we were kids (long before we heard the term “social enterprise”).


And even through we thought about it years ago and have been asked about it many times, we’ve haven’t yet started a formal training program to help other be successful at the very thing we’ve thrived at.


We’ve been hesitant for a long time.


Back in the day, we thought we didn’t have time, or that we were too busy running the coffee shop, and at times we small-mindedly believed this would create competition (even though the need for people to pursue their passion and make an impact is growing greater and greater every day).


So one day we asked you if you’d be interested in learning from us.


And (lo and behold) between email, blog comments, etc. we’ve received lots of responses from people close by and far away.


Every time we’ve written a blog post about taking this leap, the post has gotten way more hits than any other post we’ve ever written.


We thought we were hallucinating. We thought we were dreaming. We just didn’t anticipate a response like this.


But what surprised us the most was how much your responses impact us on a personal level.


We just didn’t anticipate that all this would have a deep and profound impact on us emotionally.


Your surge of support was encouraging and exciting and unreal and inspiring and overwhelming and humbling and scary.


And for the first time in a very long time, we got REALLY excited about something new.


But in the midst of the range of emotions WE WERE ALL feeling about this, we never felt intimidated.




How We Came to Feel Intimidated


A few weeks ago we asked everyone interested in learning from us to fill out a survey.


We got some beautiful responses.


And it was looking at these survey responses that made us intimidated. Look at these responses helped us realize the immensity of what we’re about to do. We got intimidated because


  • you have some big hurdles to overcome,

  • you have some big dreams to achieve,

  • you have some great passions,

  • and we really, really want to make sure we do a fantastic job at helping you.


It hit us (again) that this is NOT going to be a little side project (although it will be really fun). With the responses we’ve been getting, it hit us that this is going to be so much bigger than we had originally imagined.


We realized that, if this is going to really, REALLY work, that if this is going to be more than a fun project to just think about and get excited about…


… that we’re going to need to cancel some plans, re-organize our schedule, and really focus on this 1 project for a few months.


It also hit us that our reputation will be on the line in a much bigger way than it has before. We sent out the Passion Impact Resource Kit really rough. For this next project we want spend lots of time doing research and honing our message. We also would hire a graphic designer, use a professional video editor, and make the training top notch. In other words, this program won’t be dirt cheap to run or attend.


This will be an undertaking for both of us because we’re not just talking about a 7 lesson video series with transcripts and handouts. We’re talking about a comprehensive all-inclusive training program.


What It All Comes Down To…



We are 100% committed when it comes to this work.


It’s very important to us that our customers in our coffee business and those we’ll train get the very best quality possible (and that those we train see even more success with doing their passion and making an impact than we have).


If we create a training program, we cannot go halfway with this. It’s “all the way or not at all.”


We want this program to be the highest quality training program out there. Hands down.


Here’s the Part Where We Have a Heart-to-Heart


Learning how to do more of your passion and make more of an impact will be a learning and growing process for you (you will be in the VERY FIRST graduating class).


But this training program will be a learning process for us as well.


We will need to hone in on what is most useful to you and how to best help and mentor you (so that you feel equipped to do ANY passion you have and make ANY difference you seek).


The Very First Graduating Class (Exciting)



When the training program’s doors OFFICIALLY open, we want us to have all the kinks worked out.


We want to ensure that our online curriculum has been carefully crafted from the ground up to meet your needs, that our online learning environment works without a hitch (and that our passion impact forums are already populated with good content and case studies), that the conference call service we use for question and answer sessions and group coaching calls meets needs that might crop up. And on and on and on.


When the Overflow Your Possibility Training Program officially opens, we want to make sure that everything works as well as possible.


How You Can Benefit From This



We are considering offering an initial group of 50 people access to the Overflow Your Possibility Training Program for 75% off the eventual price. These 50 trainees (the “First 50”) will make up the first graduating class of the Overflow Your Possibility Training Program.


Here’s the Trade-off…


As members of the first graduating class (or the “First 50”), we’ll want extra feedback and participation from you. We want you to give us lots of input on the content and how it is delivered (live vs. recorded for example), what content you would like us to spend more or less time on, and let us know as soon as possible if there is an online technological problem (and then be patient with us as we work to get it fixed quickly).


As part of the “First 50,” we’ll want your thoughts on our online learning environment, we’ll want you to heavily use the online peer-support forums and fill then with case studies. We’ll want you to fill out 2 to 3 additional surveys, and serve in an advisory role by becoming members of a virtual advisory “focus group” to help this program be the very best it can be.


And In Exchange For This, You’ll Get 75% Off the Final Price



Oh, yeah, you will also get special First 50 status which will come with its own perks, live discounts on future products, classes, and seminars. Plus, as the program gets better, you’ll have lifetime access to get the new and improved content as it rolls out.


And if you’re serious about doing your passion and making an impact but haven’t fully figured out what your passion is, we’ll get that handled first. And we will offer you 1 individual phone consultation with us for free so we can get YOUR passion nailed down!


Are You Potentially Interested In Becoming One Of The First 50?


At this point, we’re not looking for commitments (after all I haven’t even told you what the price will be nor have we decided it ourselves) …


… but if you’re potentially interested in becoming a First 50 member of The Overflow Your Possibility Training Program, then click this link to email us. Let us know (1) that you’re interested, and (2) how much you think the program should cost when we officially open the doors (remember, you get 75% off of this eventual price).


If we decide to proceed with this First 50 program, then we’ll be sending you details in the next few days.


Stay tuned.

Keep overflowing,

Amanda and Brandon