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Happy New Year!

I’m going to share the 5 steps to setting a business goal you’ll actually accomplish in less than 10 minutes but it will probably (hopefully) take you longer to complete the 5 steps.  Usually it takes me about 45 minutes to explain these steps thoroughly so I’ll be going pretty fast.  Please refer to the transcript below this video on our blog as you implement the steps.

Let’s jump right in.

1. Review the Previous Year’s Memorable Experiences

Write down on a piece of paper or type into a document what happened during the year that you want to remember.  Maybe there are big things that transformed you and your world entirely.  Maybe there are small things – 1 conversation, 1 person you met – that you will always remember.  I like to organize mine by month and create a 1-page snapshot of the year.  Use your calendar and journal to refresh your memory.  It’s not cheating.  In fact, you might have forgotten to remember something.  Remembering it now and recording it on this recap will help it take root in your memory.  Record the good stuff but don’t leave out the bad stuff.  Both good and bad memories have lessons for you to learn.  Which leads us to Step #2…

2. Synthesize Your Lessons Learned

Now, on a separate sheet or on the next page in your document, synthesize your lessons learned throughout the past year.  I like to look through my memorable experiences from step 1 and ask myself the question, “What did I learn from that experience?”  Sometimes there will be 2 or 3 things that happened that taught me the same lesson.  Sometimes there will be contradictory lessons that I need to reconcile and figure out a deeper truth behind them.  Some years there are more lessons and some years there are fewer.  There might also be lessons that aren’t tied to a specific experience.  Maybe you read a book and want to record its most valuable lesson.  Maybe world events changed your mind about something.  There are lots of possibilities here.  One tip: I like to record these as bullet points – 1 bullet point per lesson – so that the lessons stand on their own and I stay away from any narrative or explanation.  You just want the lessons pure and simple.

You might be asking yourself, “Wait, I thought this was about goals.  Why are we reviewing the year prior first?”  I learned a long time ago that “all meaning is context dependent.”  Let me say that again, “all meaning is context dependent.”  The meaning for your new year goal comes from the context of the previous year.  Knowing your context and having it fresh in mind sets you up for success when you set your goal.  You’ll know if your goal is on the scale of going to Mars or making an extra phone call each day.  Both scales are good.  Your goal could be large or small but the most important thing is that it makes sense with your context and where your life is going – either by going in the same direction or doing a sharp turn.  By looking back at the previous year before to setting your goal, you’ll set your goal with lots of meaning and context rather than just out of thin air.

Now you’re ready for step 3: to set your goal.

3. Set a Goal for the New Year

3.1 raw goal

Start with your goal however it first comes to you.  Don’t censor yourself.  Just write your goal however it pops into your brain.  I call this a raw goal.  Now, stare that raw goal down.  Squint at it.  Tell it you are the boss of it.  Get to know it on a deeper level.  What’s the motivation behind this goal?  What’s its deeper meaning?  How does this goal make you feel?  If you’re scared or overwhelmed, that’s normal.  I’m usually afraid and overwhelmed at this point.  That’s why the process doesn’t stop here.

3.2 magnetic goal

Now you’re ready to take that raw goal and make it something about which you feel really excited and joyful.  Imagine what it will be like when you accomplish your goal.  Close your eyes if you want.  Visualize how your life is with your raw goal completed.  Take your time here.  Get a good picture in your mind.  Now, rewrite your goal from that excited and joyful place.  It should be worded as if you’ve completed your goal.  For example, “make $1 million” becomes “I have financial freedom because I have made $1 million.”  There’s a big difference here.  “Make $1 million” sounds like your goal is the boss of you.  “I have financial freedom because I have made $1 million” sounds like you are the boss of your goals.  That feels good.  As entrepreneurs, we like being the boss and don’t like being bossed around.  Am I right?  Plus, you can visualize your goal very specifically.  You know what it would feel like to be debt free.  You can imagine yourself doing something that requires you to have made that much money.  You might even start salivating because you want to get there so much.  If you’re salivating while thinking of your magnetic goal, you’ve got it.

3.3 measurable magnetic goal

There’s just one more edit to make your goal even more likely to be accomplished.  Add in a number and a date.  This gives you a deadline to get to that place you’re visualizing and a measurement that’s easy to quantify so that you know if you got there or not.  “I have financial freedom because I have made $1 million” becomes “I have financial freedom because I have made $1 million by December 31, 2017.”

4. Break Your Goal into Actions

But it doesn’t stop there.  Now, you gotta take that goal and break down into action steps.  These should be single actions.  For the revenue goal, it would be things like, “Make 20 sales calls each day with qualified leads.” and “Update my business plan to show potential investors.”  But the key here is to make these magnetic as well.  That means wording them like, “I have built relationships with 20 qualified leads each day via phone.” and “My business plan is 100% investor-ready.”

5. Finalize the Process

Now for the last step.  This one might seem unimportant but I highly recommend not skipping it.  Wait 24-48 hours after you finish Step 4.  Then review everything once again.  Go back through all 4 steps.  Make edits.  Add anything you forgot.  Give yourself 1 last time to revise your goal and action steps.  Then commit to your goal and its corresponding action steps.

Okay, my time is almost up.  Again, use the transcript below this video on our blog to refresh your memory as you go through the steps.  I hope and pray you are able to set and accomplish your goal for 2017 and improve your life and the lives of people around you!

I have one final call to action for you!

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In the meantime, keep overflowing!

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