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Do a quick web search and you’ll find more than you wanted to know about branding your business.

What do I have to add to the conversation?  Not much.

But there is 1 thing I believe is super powerful and isn’t given it’s full potential.

As an entrepreneur, building your branding and deciding what you want your business to be known for, you have to make it this unique mix of what your customers are looking for and what is truly and authentically you.

Let me tell you 1 example from my coffee shop and the branding we chose.  I’m a minimalist so we kept things very simple.  Our logo is clean.  We use Arial font in our brochures and posters.  This is authentically me.  I also had a hunch that our customers might see the minimalism with it’s clean, simple lines, and see us as more trustworthy.  It has been proven over the years that more than people want something hip or cool, the people in my neighborhood want a coffee shop they can trust.

I’ve had a hipster tell me we should do an entire re-branding.  I had to consider.  Yes, he knows the coffee industry and what’s working for other coffee shops in general.  Yet, no, he doesn’t know my customers.  For our neighborhood and our prime demographic, I believe that our branding works.  It might not work forever.  Change is the only constant.  It’s working now though and I believe it’s working because I looked for the intersection between who I am and who my customer is.

It’s true with branding and with so many things in business – you’re always looking for the intersections where your story and your customer’s story meet.  Business is always about relationships.  The intersections are where relationships are built.

What does this mean for your business mission?

It’s a temptation as an activist to turn our brands into megaphones, where we’re shouting our mission and purpose.  I call this a temptation because this is where many business activists miss the opportunity to find intersections.  Megaphones tend to alienate us from one another.  You don’t ever want to alienate your customers.

You can find awesome ways to including your activism in your branding and business as a whole. It’s another place to find an intersection and build a relationship.

We have a very simple tag line for our coffee shop, “changing the world one cup at a time.”  I’ve thought about changing it so many times but there’s 1 major reason I don’t.  It’s because I have customer after customer ask, “So, how are you changing the world?”  Then, we get to have a conversation and build a relationship that goes way beyond just reading a mission statement posted on the wall.  It also gives me a good sense of who is interested in our mission and who is coming because of the quality or convenience.

If you’re just starting out, take your time with branding and begin talking to potential (or actual) customers before deciding your official branding.  If you’re further along and have a brand that you’re thinking about changing, I’d say the same.  Take your time and talk with actual customers before deciding and along the journey of updating, if you choose to do so).

Now, I’d love to hear from you

If you already have a brand, what do you love most about it?  Comment and share.

If you’re still working on building your brand, what are some of your major concerns?  Comment and share. I’m sure the community would love to share our thoughts.

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