The first thing you should know about us is that we’re entrepreneurs and innovators too.  We started a brick and mortar, innovative business and have successfully run it for over 5 years. You can check it out at


brandon speakingBrandon

Even in high school, Brandon would dream of owning his own coffee shop.  After high school, he went on a journey to make the world a better place.  This journey took him to the Marines, to the music industry, and to technology.  Then, he met Amanda.






Even as a child, Amanda was an activist and a leader.  She made her parents start recycling and budgeting.  Amanda has similarly been on a journey to make the world a better place.  She started her adult journey at the University of Chicago.  Then, her journey took her to the nonprofit sector where she was a grant writer for a national nonprofit.





We have gone on a journey together to discover what we believe is our destiny in life.  We’re making the world better through locally-based, social enterprise.  In 2011, we opened our first business Overflow Coffee Bar, L3C in the heart of Chicago.  Today, we’re taking our dream to the next level and empowering others like ourselves to reach their full potential as entrepreneurs and innovators.




A few more things you should know…

  • We believe in the power of conscious, ethical business to make the world better.  Overflow Coffee Bar, L3C was the 17th L3C incorporated in the state of Illinois.  We are leaders in the social enterprise sector both in our understanding of the L3C and through our membership in the Social Enterprise Alliance – Chicago Chapter.

  • We know how to help nonprofits too.  In addition to running Overflow, Amanda brought Daystar Center (a 501c3) from being 100% dependent on private donations to being 100% self-sufficient through program generated revenue.

  • We are committed to locally-based initiatives.  We are founding members of the South Loop Business Exchange – a chamber of commerce for our surrounding neighborhood.  Through the SLBE, we are helping businesses succeed in an area that still developing.  We’re also active with Local 1st Chicago.

  • We know the power of having a great coach.  We have experienced effective coaching ourselves.  Our business would have closed without that coaching.  That’s why we coach.


Our dream is to see the elimination of extreme poverty within our lifetime. We know that entrepreneurism and innovation are crucial to ending poverty and its affects on the world. We’re just a small part of the combined efforts of people all over the world working toward this end. Yet, if all of us overflow our possibility, the impact is exponential.  Plus, as we like to say all the time, “#SmallMatters.”


NeelyCoffeeTShirtsIf you’re looking for a coach who’s been there…

… who comes from a lower or middle class family but has a wealth of potential.

… who started a business with little to nothing but has built a business that can last hundreds of years.

… who wanted to give up but found the will to push ahead.

… who has struggled with the loneliness of the entrepreneur but built a community of peers.

We are standing strong and ready to help YOU overflow your possibility!

If you read this far, you’re in the right place.  Check out more about our coaching.

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