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Amanda and Brandon Neely at their Social Enterprise - Overflow Coffee Bar

Characteristics of Entrepreneurs: Rebellious

Rebellious Entrepreneur Video Rebellious Entrepreneur Transcript Close your eyes.  Picture in your mind’s eye a rebel.  There are lots of options of who you might imagine.  Someone like James Dean on a motorcycle with a leather jacket.  Someone fighting against a...

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Characteristics of Entrepreneur: Stubborn Tenacity

Characteristics of Entrepreneur: Stubborn Tenacity Video Characteristics of Entrepreneur: Stubborn Tenacity Transcript I’m kicking off a new series about the characteristics of entrepreneurs.  I’m not going to give you the typical characteristics and this isn’t a...

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As experienced mission-driven entrepreneurs, we’re practitioners and experts. We are passionate about accomplishing our mission to end extreme poverty within our generation.  Plus, we’re passionate about seeing you accomplish your mission in a sustainable way.  Check out our coaching page for information about how coaching can help you make money and make an impact!